Merry Xmas And Happy New Year


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Website fixes and Updates


There have been quite a few fixes and optimisations of the website this month More con... 

First Arduino MIDI controller made


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Latest updates and News for 2012


After family sicknesses and the lurking spectre of Cancer much of my time has been take... 



by Alexander Burke

Published: 31-07-2011 22:36:31

August and Everything After

Further Website Testing and News

Just a quick blog to confirm testing stages near completion a few issues in IE9 need fixing and server has been made more resilient and updated

Full content will be hitting this website in August with real sample data, a free online audio editing platform with basic but useful functionality. More albums and artists are to be added over the course of the month which have been kept from the site whilst testing on the old audio data.

I will be tweeting and blogging alot more regularly, about the studio, programming and general audio techniques and perhaps a bit of musical theory thrown in for good measure.

August will also hopefully see the launch of the facebook page, dedicated you-tube channel and a load of videos of yours truly ruining classical piano pieces for generations to come. Do not miss it!

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