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by Alexander Burke

Published: 15-06-2011 15:08:14

Website Welcome and final steps

All are welcome! At last the end of this mammoth website is upon me. After four long years of programming, redesigning and drawing board scribbles the site is nearing its completion.

The next few steps over the coming months will be the CSS validation across all the browsers and as you can guess I am definitely NOT looking forwards to doing this in Internet Explorer! I have made the decision to only worry about version 9 as if anybody is still using versions below this they really need to be encouraged to change. Also in development time I don't want to really add another few months just to get this site right in IE6.

Finally I will tackle the site SEO and hopefully complete a series of final last gasp checks on the code I have painstakingly written by hand. Yes I am a nerd of quite a large proportion.

More audio will be added and full content will be established by August of 2011 with a hell of a lot more music and artists to add who havent been thus far. Not to mention the videos and software still to come

For now I will relax for a few moments before the studio calls me again and consider the next steps and the BPI.

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