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by Alexander Burke

Published: 20-06-2011 00:25:16

Website BETA Update

Moving Forwards

Have finished implementing a few changes on the site from peoples requests and comments, many thanks to all (you know who you are!).

Putting the final "Join Now" label on the home page was that final step to show that the doors to this online emporium are finally open and everybody is indeed welcome.

Remember it is FREE to join and the account will let you access the files anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The products that are free just add to your cart and complete the transaction and they'll be forever added to your account.

Features of this Site

There are a lot of features that have been built into this website that I am truly proud of and I dare to say that they are pretty unique (ie. I haven't seen them done elsewhere). I really wanted the site to perform like a piece of software rather than as a site and I hope I've achieved that.

The features I have worked over are:

  1. Proper bona fide musical releases recognised in the UK chart with barcodes and registered and copyright protected
  2. Full ID3 mp3 tagging complete with artwork, artist websites, embedded IRSC, lyrics and more.
  3. Full online data for artists to see full data on their songs, full play, part play, downloads, purchases, running money acquired and average ratings
  4. Minimal dataset for accounts, ie. just a name and location to increase trust and remove doubt about selling off details and personal information.
  5. Totally online, no big bloated software to download. Site is hopefully accessible everywhere.
  6. Totally DRM free - tracks can be played on anything and downloaded as many times as you want. Compatible with all mp3 players everywhere including the apple iOnes.
  7. Site players are all integrated - one click stops and plays something else to stop unwanted noise collisions. The players also respond to the volume and adjust accordingly and in real time. Also all playing preferences are stored so that when you return the volume and play commands will be as you left off.
  8. Site is designed so that when you navigate around site it only updates the parts it needs to, saving the main player stopping and starting which would get annoying.
  9. When you are logged into your account the buy now buttons on the home site will change to download buttons for the items you own so that you don't have to be in your log in area to download them. Also the players will stop previewing them and play them in full.
  10. If you accidently add an item to your cart that you have already purchased, when you check out your cart the item will be removed. No more accidentally purchasing the same item twice.
  11. If you own tracks off an album and then decide to buy the album the price will be REDUCED by the percentage of how many tracks you already own.
  12. Artists with studio accounts can generate vouchers for use at gigs and choose a new price or generate a free voucher.
  13. All tracks are non exclusive licenses with the Audio Republik and as such the artists can still use them fully elsewhere and profit from them being on multiple platforms
  14. Because of the design of the site the links to artists and songs can be fully SEO'd pulling them up the search engine ranks also the lyrics help people to locate songs that maybe because of a bands independence sometimes their song titles are forgotten quickly. No more being in the wilderness.
  15. Samples have a real time preview, no more buying un-previewable samples only to find they weren't what you wanted.
  16. Previews are randomised for length and also start position, so a couple of refreshes and the preview you hear will be different. Useful for getting a better idea of a song rather than an uphelpful preview of a long introduction that cuts off just when the vocals are about to start!
  17. Site integrated with Paypal for instant transaction, no waiting, pay through Paypal and go straight to the download page. Full invoice history in log in area also.
  18. Tracks registered on Gracenote servers so that album information can be automatically retrieved on all compatible and subscribing products.
  19. Barcode can be read directly off screen with any barcode app available on iPhone or Blackberry. (I recommend RedLaser/ ScanLife depending on what phone you have)
  20. Update notifications automatically sent out via email (for subscribers) for when software is updated or a new version/mix of a song has been released. Allowing you to buy songs in production and pay once getting notifications of new tracks along the way.
  21. Finally, customers can choose how much they want to pay for an artists track. Any amount above the base set price goes to the artist directly with no deductions.

To Close

So you can see it has been fairly intense work putting this together for the artists on this site and hopefully to provide an alternative to the current music industry practices. Hopefully the dream of being a one stop shop for anything audio based is not far around the corner.

Again, stay tuned for more content and hopefully once word spreads a lot more users!

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