Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for 201328/12/2012

Merry Xmas and Happy New year to all!  May 2013 bring everyone luck and joy!

"Life In The Mirror" - Tom Hambridge04/11/2012

The excitement grows as the project is joined by Grammy award winning producer, song writer and soloist Tom Hambridge. He will be inputting some of his deep, (award grabbing!) knowledge into the project Stay tuned for even more!...

"Life In The Mirror" - Bill Bergman and his ra...01/11/2012

Excitement grows as the audio fresh from LA arrives at AR HQ. Noise from the legendary Bill of the Bergman and his horns of destiny arrive to be crafted into the album. Stay tuned to Bb for more (possibly Eb)



Sample Quality

Where ever possible samples are recorded at 24bit 96kHz and recorded direct either through high end microphones and preamps or directly from a piece of equipment.

Stereo samples are recorded either using the ORTF or NOS stereo technique, unless from a piece of equipment where both outputs will then be DI'd.

Sample Limitations.

All samples are sold as royalty free and maybe used without limitation. You do NOT need to inform us of its use, unless you really want to of course.

All samples are totally created by us from scratch unless stated otherwise.

Exclusive License/Ownership

If you wish to own the sample you can request purchase of exclusive rights from us and the sample will be removed from this site immediately following completion of the relevant transaction in full. E-mail to make a request.


Suggestions on new samples are welcome. Please send your request to outlining what you want sampled. Requests maybe then supplied for free and added to the website for others!