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Sacred Heart


"Propaganda" Review - Ian Johnson Fireworks Magazine


Hard to believe but British pop/rock band (their description) Sacred Heart have now been around for almost seventeen years. What I particularly like about the band is their home spun, cottage industry, way of doing things; the “lets do it our selves and stuff anyone who doesn’t like it” attitude. They seem to revel in the proverbial Dunkirk Spirit. With ‘Propaganda’ the bands fourth album proper, Sacred Heart seem to be getting stronger as both songwriters and musicians and with each successive release, they try to outdo what came before.
Kicking off proceedings with the riff-heavy Dokken-like ‘Propaganda PT1’ a tribute to both those who died in and those who survived the Nazi death camps, Sacred Heart seem to say we’re back and you know that we mean business. ‘Can’t Breathe’ follows and it’s a mid-paced rocker with a great chorus - something the band excel in. Paul Stead and his partners in crime then continue to stamp their authority all over this new release with songs such as ‘Nothing At All’, ‘Never Let You Go’ and ‘Spit’, though I would like to tell you about a couple of tracks that really touched me personally. ‘With Open Arms’ is a beautiful ballad where Stead sings to his Father about all the things he did for him over the years, putting himself in harms way to protect his son and loving him unconditionally. Having lost my Dad recently this song tugged at my heart strings and really moved me. 

Then there is the stunning ‘Goodbye’ another track with powerful words that struck a chord with me, and if you have ever loved or lost someone in your life you‘ll understand what I mean (isn’t the power of music and lyrics a wonderful thing?). Finishing off with ‘We Stand (Hand In Hand)’ and ‘You’re The One’, Sacred Heart have once again recorded a fantastic album full of catchy melodies big harmonies and clever, passionate and meaningful lyrics, something bands with ten times the budget often fail to do. (As a bonus there are also five demo tracks added for good measure).

Sacred Heart never seem to get the plaudits they deserve but for a band with little or no financial backing they keep on fighting and with the guts and determination they keep on going and will in the end I feel, win and win big. ‘Propaganda’ may just be the album that helps them do it. Do, please check this album out at  and be prepared to eschew any preconceived ideas you may have.

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