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Sacred Heart


"Darkness Falls" review by Neil Daniels of Powerplay Maga...


Melodic rockers SACRED HEART have emerged as one of the genres brightest stars. Every since the release of their (live) first demo "A New Dawn" they have gone from strength to strength, though there have been some notable line up changes.

It was 2004's ten track demo album "Lay It On The Line" that gave the band some great write-ups in the press and huge interest amongst rock fans. They released "Shake" in 2007 and that album was also met with high praise. Along the path to success they have shared stages with the likes of Thunder, House Of Lords, Dokken, Bonfire and Uriah Heep.

Here they are in 2010 with their new album "Darkness Falls". The SACRED HEART line up is now: Paul Stead (vocals/guitar), Mark Stephenson (guitar), Dave Thurlby (drums) and Darren Jhuboo (bass).

First off, what is noticable about this release from their previous recordings is the bands overall sound. They seem to have shifted from 80's AOR/melodic rock to a more modern approach with a bigger production. Sure, the songs on offer are still of a high quality but the shift in sound may displease some fans (but most will be happy).

The album features a total of 17 songs, four of which are re-recordings of tracks that initially appeared on "Lay It On The Line" and four are bonus demos. Two things work really well on "Darkness Falls", the fantastic use of keyboards and the rich production values. Some of the standout tracks include the brilliant opener "Down", the keyboard filled rocker "On My Way" and the re-recordings of "Rock 'n' Roll Away" and "Lay It On The Line". The ballad "Little Miss Sunshine" is surprisingly pleasing.

All in all, "Darkness Falls" is SACRED HEART's best set of recordings to date and shows just how far they've prgressed since "A New Dawn". This album will definitely win over some new fans as well as please the majority of their fanbase.

A winner.

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