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BBC Blast Reporter Blog: Backstage at Leeds Festival


Now I'm back at base getting ready for my final show here at BBC Humberside, hopefully I can get one last blog done in the next few days and then that will be it. This has been truly the best eight weeks of my life, getting sad now that it's all about to end.

Sunday 29th August

4:40pm. Unfortunately as I am writing this blog the rain is starting again although the weather has been mostly great this year. Hopefully the sun will come out soon. Just after 2pm The G.A.N.G played the most incredible set of the day and in my opinion the set of the whole weekend. They dragged in the crowd with their eclectic sound (and smiles) and have definitely won over some more fans. Excited now to see the next Hull act endoflevelbaddie who is on just after 7pm. Just going to find some interesting facts about Leeds Festival for the show. But make sure you go to and check out the picture gallery which features The G.A.N.G's set.

The G.A.N.G had one of the biggest crowds of the weekend 1pm. Final day. The G.A.N.G are in the house! They arrived half an hour ago after a storming set in front of nearly a thousand people at the Introducing stage at Reading on Friday. They're from Hull of course and Radio Humberside championed them to get them here today. The boys are are really excited. They told us how Reading was rainy and muddy (but their shoes are really clean - how do they do that?! Sun shining here. They're on at 2.20pm. More from me later.

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